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On the Street and Changing Lives

For homeless kids, doctors who care about their health and their future

Children’s Health Fund put its first mobile clinic on the streets of New York City in 1987 to bring health care to children and families living in homeless shelters. Over the years, in partnership with its NYC affiliate Montefiore Medical Center, it has expanded in New York City to also provide urgently needed health care to low-income families in the South Bronx.  It is care that can change lives, as NBC Nightly News reported on January 18th.  

Today, the need in homeless shelters in New York City is greater than it has ever been, with three times as many families living in shelters as there were in the mid-80s and many families trapped in these difficult circumstances for months at a time.  The children in these families -- an estimated 22,000 -- face an uphill climb in life. 

But thanks to the work of Children’s Health Fund, thousands of homeless children in New York City do have access to quality health care.  All year long, our mobile medical clinics visit homeless shelters throughout the city bringing a “doctor’s office on wheels” to vulnerable homeless kids.

The doctors and nurses on these mobile clinics provide vital primary and preventive health care, from immunizations and vision screening, to treatment for asthma – which is epidemic in the city’s poor neighborhoods – as well as all the other illnesses and health conditions that children suffer with, especially children in poverty.  They also establish close, caring relationships with the families.  

As NBC Nightly News reported, this quality health care can make all the difference in a child’s life.  Children’s Health Fund believes that homeless kids should be able to live out their dreams just like any other child in our city, without being held back by health barriers to learning and growth that can impede their success in school, and in life.  

Thanks to the support of its generous donors and partners, Children’s Health Fund mobile clinics are on the road day after day, so that these children have a chance to be healthy and ready to learn – a chance to look to the future with hope.