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Speak Up for Kids! Help 5.3 Million More Kids Get Insured!

by Caroline DeRosa, Senior Director, Policy & Advocacy

Speak Up For Kids!On July 26, 2012, the non-partisan Government Accountability Office released an eye-opening report about the many opportunities that exist for children to gain health insurance coverage under the new health care reform law. Specifically, the report says that an additional 5.3 million children could be covered by 2014, which is when the law’s main provisions will begin. The uptick in insured rates will dramatically slash the total number of children currently uninsured, bringing the total from 7 million to 1.7 million.

The report states that kids will get newly insured through three different ways:

  • 3.4 million children will gain coverage through the law's Medicaid expansion provision;
  • 1.4 million children will gain coverage through the Children's Health Insurance Program; and
  • 530,000 children will gain coverage through private policies sold through state-based health insurance exchanges.

This is fantastic news for America’s kids!

Children’s Health Fund (CHF) has long touted the many benefits of the new health law for kids and has been on the Hill fighting to ensure these pieces of the law are not rolled back or defunded by Congress.  Although the Supreme Court upheld the main provisions of the law, opponents in Congress have made dismantling the law a priority. While the law won’t be repealed at this time because of President Obama’s backing, there are still opportunities where Congress may be able to defund or underfund certain provisions of the law—which may have the same effect as repeal! This is why CHF has been working tirelessly to remind Congress what the children of this country stand to lose if health reform is weakened.  Just recently CHF partnered with actress and CHF Advisory Board Member Julianne Moore in urging Congress to preserve the health reform law pieces that are good for kids.

Join us in speaking up for children! Write your lawmaker and tell them that dismantling the health reform law will mean undoing significant gains for many children, including the 5.3 million who stand gain health insurance coverage.  Echoing the words of Ms. Moore “The children of the country are counting on us, don’t let them down.”