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Racing to Help Kids


Jackie Rodriguea and Arielle Mishkin teamed up to raise money for Children's Health Fund.
Jackie at the finish line; Ari racing

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Arielle Mishkin and Jacqueline Rodriguez recently went the extra mile for Children’s Health Fund – or 13.1 miles, to be precise.

Ari and Jackie both work in our South Bronx program: Jackie is co-director of the Childhood Asthma Initiative there, while Ari is a research specialist. Together they raised more than $2,000 by running half-marathons as part of our new personal fundraising program. Check out their fundraising page here!

While they solicited pledges together, the two friends raced separately: Jackie in Washington, DC and Ari in New York City. They both said running for a cause made their chosen sport even more fun.

“There are many parts that I will never forget – running through Times Square, cheering with the other runners in the Battery Park Underpass with only one mile left – but what kept my adrenaline up for the entire race was knowing that I wasn't just running for myself,” said Ari. “Having the support of the Ari and Jackie Run for the Fund contributors motivated me to push myself harder than I had ever thought possible – enough to shave minutes off my best time!”

“Saturday’s race began with temperatures in the low 30’s, but knowing there was someone waiting at the finish line and dozens more supporters waiting to hear how it went helped me keep one foot in front of the other,” said Jackie. “Knowing we had exceeded our goal and brought awareness to the great work being done at Children’s Health Fund made this one of the most important races I’ll ever run!”

Our Personal Fundraising program makes it easy to spread the word about your campaign via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. Family and friends can make a secure donation to your cause online. A fundraising thermometer tracks pledges and motivates your supporters to help you reach your goal.

Want to raise money for kids while pursuing your favorite pastime? You can do a fundraiser for Children’s Health Fund around pretty much any activity: reading, baking, running, or even providing professional services like web design or financial advice. Find out more on our personal fundraising pages.