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Play the Fun New Game that Benefits CHF’s Kids!

Wetopia, a fun new social game where you can "Play for Good"

Last week, WeTopia, a fun new social game that you play with friends to help real children in the real world, launched on Facebook. We’re thrilled to announce that Children’s Health Fund (CHF) was chosen as one of Sojo Studio’s partner organizations, which means that our programs will directly benefit from playing WeTopia.

In the game, each player gets to build their own WeTopia world, a children’s utopian village. This includes building houses, shops (like an eye doctor’s office or farmer’s market); decorating with flowers, trees, fountains, and pets; and increasing your population.  By doing these activities, you  produce “joy,” a currency which can be converted to contributions for nonprofits (like CHF) that provide children and families with basic needs, healthcare, and education in the real world.

WeTopia is free to play but players also can buy Facebook credits to spend in-game.  Sojo Studios is giving 50% of profits, from both advertising dollars and dollars from players who choose to spend money when they play, to charity. CHF will receive a percentage of this for our featured projects, including our mobile dental clinic serving homeless families.

Anyone can “Play for Good” if you are a member of Facebook. Simply type “WeTopia” into the search on Facebook. You will then be able to add WeTopia as an App.  Then, let the fun begin. 

Let us know what you think!