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Paul Simon and CHF Doctors Tell Super Committee: Don’t Cut Health Care for Kids!

Caroline DeRosa,Senior Director, Policy and Advocacy, Children's Health Fund

The Super Committee, a subgroup of Congress appointed to find $1.5 trillion in budget savings, is entering their final weeks—specific budget cutting recommendations will be made by Thanksgiving and the full Congress must pass the plan by Christmas.The 12 members of the committee will make decisions that will either ensure or dismantle the country’s safety net for children, by protecting or making huge cuts in funding to Medicaid, CHIP and other critical programs.  These decisions in Washington could have painful, long lasting effects on kids for decades to come.

CHF doctors know how important these safety net programs are for children and families who are struggling. That’s why we decided to take action. CHF co-Founders Paul Simon and Irwin Redlener, MD joined their voices with CHF doctors from across the country in a new video aimed at reinforcing why it is so important to preserve safety net programs like Medicaid and CHIP.

Our message is clear: Families have already sacrificed enough.  The budget should not be balanced on the backs of children.  Investing in children’s health is an investment in our future as a country.

Please watch the video and share it with your family and friends. You can also contact your lawmakers and let them know that you want them to stand up for kids.