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New York Times Highlights Plight of Homeless Kids


See our New York Times ad below and
donate now to help homeless children like Dasani!


The New York Times did a wonderful series about a homeless child this week – the story of a girl named Dasani fighting to keep her life on track and her family together despite the enormous challenges of poverty and homelessness.

When we read about Dasani, we felt like we knew her. So many of our children we serve are like her: bright and full of promise, but facing tall odds.

The story ends on a note of hope – and Children’s Health Fund has hope to offer too. That’s why we asked some of our most reliable donors for help in taking out this ad in the Times.

For these kids, education is the ticket to a better future. But a child who’s up all night with asthma can’t focus in school the next day. A child with untreated cavities is in too much pain to learn. A child who’s having chips and soda for breakfast every morning does not have a good foundation for a day of schoolwork.

If you haven’t read the Times series, go read it now. Then, help us spread the word about the importance of health care for kids like Dasani. Add your voice to our Every Child a Chance Campaign. Like and Share our posts on social media. Make a donation yourself, if you can.

It takes each of us, doing what we can, to help children like Dasani reach their full potential.