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Let’s Make Every Day National Child Health Day

Detroit Dental Mobile Unit Kid Exam
By Irwin Redlener MD, President & Co-Founder, CHF

Today, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) celebrates the 83rd annual National Child Health Day with theme of Helping Children Lead Healthy Lives. They have created a website featuring important resources that assist families in finding health care services including the 311 Prenatal Hotline, Insure Kids Now, Family-to-Family Health Information Centers, Text 4 Baby, Find a Health Center Locator and the Maternal and Child Health Program.

We commend HRSA for bringing awareness to child’s health day in an effort to remind us all that the health and well being of our nation’s children is of utmost importance.   At CHF programs across the country, we consider every day to be child health day.  Whether we are providing dental care via our new mobile dental clinic in New York City; brining much needed health care services to kids in rural Southern Arizona; advocating on Capitol Hill for policies and programs that provide health care access; or bringing vital quality health care to children and families impacted by a natural disaster, CHF believes that no child should be denied the rights to accessible, quality health care.

Right now, Congress is working on the next stage of a budget bill that may cut millions from Medicaid, CHIP, community health centers and other critical safety net programs that help children access health care.   When the economy is down, it is not the time to cut these programs because without them, many children will be unable to access the health care that they need and deserve.  Now is the time to speak up for programs that millions of low income children and families depend on. Write to your Representatives and tell them you are gravely concerned with pending federal cuts these critical safety net programs.

On this celebration of National Child Health Day, let us strive to prioritize children’s health in our country and make sure our nation’s children are healthy every day.