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Kids and Asthma: How You Can Help

Walter Schmidt fundraiser Children's Health Fund

Aaron Neville sang. Walter Schmidt rode his bike. But you can use almost any activity or event to raise money to help kids with asthma!

The Children’s Health Fund personal fundraising program empowers you to do something you love – whether it’s running, baking, writing, or even throwing a party – while collecting pledges from friends and family. The money you raise helps us bring doctors and medicine to more children.

Here are some ideas:

  • For your birthday, staff holiday party, wedding, anniversary or graduation, ask for donations instead of gifts.
  • Run that 10K you've always wanted to, and have your friends make donations in support of your run.
  • Raffle your skills or services to anyone who donates.
  • Conduct a talent show with the kids in your neighborhood.
  • Promise to change your hair color, grow a beard to new lengths or get a tattoo if you reach your fundraising goal!

Your $1,000 fundraiser could help ten children with asthma see a doctor. We’ve got tips and support to help you succeed. Learn more about personal fundraising at, and start a fundraiser today!