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Help! Major Budget Cuts Ahead

By Deirdre Byrne, Director of Policy, Children's Health Fund

Last week, the House Appropriations Committee released a budget bill to fund the government for the next year which contains major proposed cuts to programs that help children and families every day.  They are expected to vote on this measure THIS WEEK.  Included in the cuts are:

  • $1.3 billion CUT to health centers, ending recovery funding for community health centers, eliminating funding for increased demand of services grants meant to respond to the economic downturn and undermining the capacity of health centers to provide services to an estimated 11 million patients.
  • $210 million CUT to the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant, which supports state and local programs serving women, babies, children and children with special heath care needs, to detect developmental delays and provide treatment early to avoid costlier treatment down the road.  This cut equals 32% of the program.
  • $530 million CUT to community development block grants, which help finance housing, sewer, streets and economic development in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, including housing for the homeless.

Though different than the budget presented by President Obama yesterday, this budget proposal is just as important as it will determine how money is spent through the remainder of this fiscal year.

It is extremely urgent that lawmakers hear from you about how these cuts will negatively impact your community.  Write your lawmaker now, let them know that you support these programs and realize the impact of these budget cuts in your community. 

Thanks for your help!!