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The Health Reform Fight: Why It’s Not Over Just Yet

by Caroline DeRosa, Senior Director, Policy and Advocacy, Children's Health Fund

As a child health advocate, it was extremely satisfying to watch President Obama sign historic and far reaching health care reform into law earlier this year.  Since then, the question most often asked by colleagues at Children's Health Fund (CHF) has been “what’s next?” As it turns out, the process doesn’t end when a bill is signed and the “what’s next” in the implementation phase is just as important as the initial passage.

In order to be successfully implemented, the legislation that is passed must be further clarified with details and specifics through federal rules and regulations.  These regulations are released by federal agencies so that interested parties can comment and provide feedback to ensure that laws respond to real world concerns.  This phase is critical, because it makes certain that the provisions originally intended within the law are properly carried out. 

In the coming months and years, CHF will be monitoring federal regulations and providing our feedback to the government to ensure a resounding voice for children is heard in this lengthy and complicated process.  We will continue the fight to ensure that all kids, especially those served by our programs, will get all the health benefits and coverage that were intended by the health reform law.