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Faces from the Field: Kimberly Williams, RN

Posted by Nurse Kim, Children's Health Fund’s Phoenix Children’s Health Project

My name is Kimberly Williams.   I’ve been a Registered Nurse for 16 years and feel extremely fortunate to have a career that I love so much.  I started working for Phoenix Children’s Hospital in 1994, first working in General Pediatrics and taking care of kids with a variety of health problems.  That experience gave me the confidence to work in the Emergency Department, where I worked as a staff nurse. After 4 years in the ER, I assumed the position of Interim Clinical Nurse Educator.  I loved being an educator, but my passion has always been “helping” children and their families, so you can imagine how excited I was when, two years ago, one of my nurse friends informed me that the “Crews’N Healthmobile” (CHF’s Phoenix Children’s Health Project) had an RN position available.  I applied the day after I found out and a few weeks later, I was boarding the Big Blue Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) for the very first time.   I was warned that this kind of work can take its toll, but since joining the Crews’N Healthmobile, my love for my job has only grown stronger and my passion for nursing has skyrocketed (I can tell you more about that in an upcoming post!).

During my first year working for the Crews’N Healthmobile, we signed a contract with the largest family shelter in Arizona, allowing our team to set up our office in a small clinic on their property.  My primary responsibility was to provide health and development screenings to the families that moved into the shelter.  About a year ago, the shelter moved to a new site where our team provides care in a new, beautiful clinic.  Since the move, the shelter has increased in size and now houses 130 families, composed of as many as 200 adults and 500 children.  This allows me to provide screenings and medical care, education and hugs to 1500 children a year.

Everyone at the shelter, young and old, calls me “Nurse Kim” and it’s a title that I’ve grown to love and appreciate.  On a daily basis, I hear “Nurse Kim, I need you”, “Nurse Kim, I’m sick”, “Nurse Kim, my child is sick”, “Nurse Kim, Can you help me with….?”, “Nurse Kim, I heard you can help me with….”, “Nurse Kim, do you have any….?”, “Nurse Kim, please come quick!” and my favorites,  “Nurse Kim, thank you so much.” and “Nurse Kim, we love you.”  The sound of it brings a smile to my face.   They call me Nurse Kim, but I call myself lucky.