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Faces from the Field: Kay Kelly, LPN

Nurse Kay Kelly of the Memphis Children's Health Project by Caitlin McFeely, Communications Associate, Children's Health Fund

Hi blog readers!! Today’s “Face from the Field”, Kay Kelly, LPN, comes from our program in Memphis. We hope you enjoy meeting her…don’t forget to leave a question or comment in the comments section below!

Caitlin (C): How long have you been working with CHF?

Kay: I have been at Le Bonheur for 3 years, and I have worked with the mobile unit 1 ½ years.

C: What made you want to work for this type of organization?

Kay: I came to this organization with 21 years of Public Health experience. I have a passion to help improve the health and well-being of those less fortunate.

C: What is your favorite part about working on the mobile clinic (or CHF fixed site)?

Kay: It is humbling to see the gratitude of the families and children we serve that might otherwise go without health care services. I’m glad we are here to help them.

C: What’s your favorite thing to do when not working?

Kay: Spending time with my family.

C: What are the biggest challenges children and families in your region are experiencing in accessing health care and how are you addressing them?

Kay: Unemployment, low wages, provider shortages, and lack of insurance are challenges that are preventing children and families in our area from receiving quality health care. Our mobile unit program is providing health care services with increased access to children and families in need, regardless of their ability to pay

C: What are some unique programs or events that your program has to offer?

Kay: This fall we are starting a new program where we will be located at school sites, allowing us to take the mobile unit to the children. We are very excited!