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Closeup On a Worthy Cause

Video courtesy of WeTopia

Recently WeTopia Correspondent Will Miller Jr. boarded our New York Mobile Clinic to give the citizens of WeTopia (the new Facebook game) a close-up look at the children we serve and the people who care for them. The video features the kind-hearted Dr. Paula Pollard-Thomas and Senior Driver Steve Diaz. Steve is the quintessential New Yorker: No non-sense, all heart. “The buck stops here”.

Dr. Paula Pollard-Thomas sees patients aboard one of our 50 mobile clinics.



WeTopia does a great job telling our story and inspiring people to do more. WeTopia isn’t just a social game on Facebook, it’s a way for people to become involved and give to charity. The idea is to “Play for Good”. The game’s premise is charmingly simple: while users create little utopias in cyberspace, they are in-fact creating a better world for real children all over the globe.