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“Children’s Health Fund does incredible work”: Aaron Neville on his recent fundraising campaign


Musical legend Aaron Neville knows how important medical care is to children with asthma: he’s suffered from the disease his whole life. That's why he decided to help bring doctors to kids in need by launching a personal fundraising campaign for Children's Health Fund late last year.

Neville spread the word about his “Holiday Blessings” fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter, and at a concert in his native New Orleans. The campaign was capped by an emotional performance of Silent Night on The Colbert Report. The singer also visited our programs in New Orleans and New York to meet some of the staff and patients.

“Children's Health Fund does incredible work to bring health care to America's most vulnerable kids. I know. I've seen it with my own eyes,” he says.

“From one of the poorest communities in the Bronx to the devastated neighborhoods of the Gulf — including my own childhood neighborhood which is still struggling to recover from Katrina — their doctors are helping kids who otherwise would not get care.”

Neville built his fundraiser around his singing. But you don’t need a Grammy-winning voice to start one of your own. Just go to our personal fundraising page and sign up!

Here are some ideas for fundraisers:

• Dedicate your next special occasion to kids in need and ask your friends and family to make a donation instead of buying a birthday, wedding or anniversary gift.
• Give yourself some incentive to meet a personal goal — maybe run that marathon you've always wanted to and have your friends cheer you on by donating.
• Raffle your talent or skills to anyone who donates.
• Have some fun and make a dare — offer to change your hair color, grow a beard, or get a tattoo if you reach your goal!

Everyone's fundraiser will be different, but the end result will be the same: more kids will get the health care they need. And that's what counts!

Visit to learn more.

Did you miss Aaron Neville’s appearance on the Colbert Report? Watch him sing Silent Night with Stephen Colbert and MusiCorps.