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Bring the Gift of Health Care to Kids Across the US

Karen Redlener, Executive Director, Children's Health Fund

Imagine what it would be like if your child was sick, and he couldn't get the care he needed.  That is exactly what Patricia* faced for weeks, as her two-year-old son, Sam*, wheezed and coughed in her arms.  Patricia, a single mom, had just moved with Sam into a homeless shelter. 

picture does not depict boy in story Photo does not depict child in the story.

Patricia could see Sam was getting worse every day -- what if he stopped breathing in the night?  Desperate, Patricia approached the staff at the shelter for help.  They told her about a blue van -- staffed with a dedicated medical team -- that parks right at the shelter.  They would see Sam that day.

That blue van was a Children's Health Fund doctor's office-on-wheels -- one of 50 that your support would help keep on the road.  The pediatrician on board diagnosed Sam with asthma.  She explained the condition to Patricia, and taught her about the disease and how to manage it and how to keep Sam out of the hospital. 

Sam was lucky enough to receive proper medical care, but, with poverty as high as it is, there are still many vulnerable children out there who need your help.  You can be a part of our efforts to ensure more children grow up healthy.   Please make a gift now and help Children's Health Fund help children like Sam

Thank you for your support of CHF and the children we serve.

*The patients’ names have been changed to protect their privacy.