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Blog Guidelines

Children’s Health Fund (CHF) Blog provides the opportunity to share knowledge, provide helpful information and news, and engage in a conversation about CHF’s work across the country, as well as issues impacting children and health care in the United States.

We encourage our readers to post comments and become part of the discussion with CHF and each other.  Anyone who registers a username and valid e-mail address can comment on the CHF Blog.  Anonymous user comments will not be posted.  Staff who post comments will be fully identified by job title and location.

All comments to the Blog are moderated and those who participate agree to the following rules:

Participants will not post:

  • Comments that defame, harass or threaten any individual or the rights of that individual in any way.
  • Comments or materials that contain profane, obscene, vulgar or other objectionable language that is not considered professional or appropriate by others.
  • Comments that impersonate another person or organization, including employees and representatives of Children’s Health Fund and our partners.
  • Junk mail, spam or any advertising or promotional material.
  • Anything off-topic, irrelevant or inappropriate.
  • Corrupted files, malicious codes, viruses or any other type of program that could damage the operation of a person’s computer, network, or the CHF website.

Editorial oversight of blog posts and daily management of blog guidelines is the responsibility of the Communications staff at Children’s Health Fund. 

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Comments expressed about blog posts are the personal opinions of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Children’s Health Fund.