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Big Hearts and Big Buckets

Volunteers from Delta help paint a homeless shelter
by Kate Conrad

I’ve worked in the nonprofit world for the majority of my career. I think I’m drawn to this industry because the impact of your work is felt more strongly. As a new member to the team (I joined Children’s Health Fund (CHF) two months ago) I’m learning more and more about what this great organization is made up of.  At CHF’s core, they are about ensuring every kid in America has a healthy start at life. And, how do they do that? CHF has an impressive fleet of 50 mobile mental, medical and dental clinics that bring doctors and medicines directly to kids that need it the most.  

Yesterday was an opportunity to realize that impact firsthand. I, alongside other CHF colleagues, joined a tremendously enthusiastic group of Delta Air Lines volunteers at a homeless shelter in the South Bronx. With limited funds and staff, the Associate Shelter Director explained that she is constantly faced with the challenges of competing priorities. And with a big goal of trying to get families back on their feet and into permanent housing, any help they get goes a long way.

So, with big hearts and big buckets of paint the Delta crew went to town painting five, large shelter bedrooms.

CHF’s mission is broad, complex and daunting at times. But when you see a group of citizens engaged and rallied around the same issue, wanting to impact change as you do, you realize little steps can lead to big change.

Thank you to Delta’s team captain, Tricia Rumola and her committed cohorts. The shelter residents will return to their rooms today with a ‘brighter’ outlook for themselves and their children.