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Baby Care: Dr. Delaney Gracy Covers the Basics in Parents Magazine Videos

Dr. Gracy addresses common concerns about your baby's health.

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If you're a new parent, you have a lot of questions about your baby's health. When is a cold just a cold, and when is it more serious? What if my baby hits her head? How do I know if my infant needs to go to the Emergency Room?

Dr. Delaney Gracy, Chief Medical Officer at Children's Health Fund, has answers. In these short videos produced by Parents Magazine, she explains common health concerns from allergies to SIDS -- and offers helpful tips on how to handle them.

Baby Care Basics: Choosing the Right Doctor 
What qualifications should your pediatrician have? How can you find a doctor you'll really like? Dr. Gracy offers some tips.

Baby Care Basics: Surprising Reasons to Call the Doctor
Certain symptoms, like a swollen eyelid with a fever, may be more serious than they appear.

Baby Care Basics: What is SIDS?
Learn the best way to put your baby to sleep, and other tips to reduce the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Baby Care Basics: What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?
Shaking a baby for even a few seconds can cause serious injury. Dr. Gracy offers advice on how to cope if your baby's crying is leaving you angry, tired and frustrated.

Baby Care Basics: Concerns for Premature Babies
Learn about some of the challenges a premie may face as an infant. And remember, with today's medical advances, chances are your premature baby will grow into a healthy kid.

Baby Care Basics: What is Down Syndrome?
People with Down Syndrome are increasingly completing high school, integrating into society, and living independently. Find out what Down Syndrome means for you and your child.

Baby Care Basics: Baby Accidents
Falls, eye injuries, swallowing something poisonous: accidents do happen. Here's a quick guide on how to handle them.

Baby Care Basics: Baby First Aid
How should you treat a cut? When does a cut need a doctor? Dr. Gracy answers these questions and more.

Baby Care Basics: What is Lead Poisoning?
Learn how to protect your child from exposure to lead paint chips and dust.

Baby Care Basics: Baby Sunburn Treatment
Babies are especially susceptible to sunburn. Here are three ways to help your sunburned child feel better.

Baby Care Basics: How to Treat Bug Bites
How can you make a mosquito bite itch less? Should you pull the stinger out after a bee sting? Dr. Gracy adresses the most common baby bug bites.

Baby Care Basics: What are the Signs of Flu?
Is it a cold or the flu? Should I call the pediatrician? Dr. Gracy explains flu symptoms.

Baby Care Basics: Allergies
Is your baby sneezing and sniffling, with clear mucus and no fever? She may have allergies.

Baby Care Basics: When a Baby Has a Birth Defect
If your child has a birth defect, there are many people and organizations ready to help.