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American Red Cross Announces Support of Children’s Health Fund’s Sandy Recovery Work


More than a year after Superstorm Sandy slammed into coastal communities in New York and New Jersey, Children’s Health Fund is still hard at work providing vital support to families affected by that devastating storm.

Today, the American Red Cross has awarded a $100,000 grant to support the mental health services Children’s Health Fund is providing to those hit by Sandy in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn.  The funding will be used to help 530 children and families with storm-related mental health challenges make a fuller recovery.

“The trauma of Hurricane Sandy is still palpable in Gerritsen Beach,” said Dr. Delaney Gracy, chief medical officer, Children’s Health Fund. “Many of the community’s children are processing the memory of their own frightening experiences while trying to cope with the dislocation of their family and friends, the loss of once valued possessions, and the exhausting demands of rebuilding. We are very grateful that Red Cross is committed to long-term recovery, supporting our ongoing work to help the families in Gerritsen Beach.”

Watch this video from the Red Cross or read more.