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2012 Annual Report

In the Children’s Health Fund 2012 Annual Report, you will meet children of all ages who are going to school today able to do their best because they got the health care they needed.  Click the thumbnail below to read the report online.


The following links offer additional insight into the stories and issues explored in the report.

 Meet Isani Castro, a high school student who has her eyes on a bright future, thanks to quality medical care from Children’s Health Fund


Children's Health Fund, in collaboration with the Council of School Supervisors & Administrators (CSA), surveyed New York City principals to get a first-hand accounting of the health barriers interfering with students' ability to succeed in school.  This report examines the results of the study.


This report looks at how the Affordable Care Act has changed the outlook for health care for children in the U.S. and why it is critical for the nationa that all immigrant children have access to the same coverage as American citizens.


This groundbreaking report presents a new tool -- the Health Transportation Shortage Index (HTSI) -- developed by Children's Health Fund to help identify areas and communities where transportation shortages contribute to difficulty accessing health care.


Meet Joshua, a high school student whose asthma was holding him back -- until he met Dr. John Carlson and the Children's Health Fund medical team in New Orleans.


Meet CLARA, the newest doctor's office on wheels, bringing health care to medically underserved kids in Detroit.