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Children's Health Fund (CHF) recognizes that in spite of the nation's significant progress in providing health care to children, millions continue to face substantial barriers that go beyond insurance coverage. Specifically, insufficient transportation infrastructure and inadequate public transportation services have emerged as critical factors and determinants of child health access in medically underserved communities. By bringing care to isolated and underserved rural and urban through mobile medical units, CHF's National Program overcome a large part of transportation barriers. Beyond CHF's clinical programs, addressing transportation barriers to health care is an integral part of CHF’s policy agenda.

Children's Health Fund advocates for increased utilization of Medicaid transportation funds. Greater efforts must be made to educate and inform Medicaid-eligible families and their health care providers about the availability of non-emergency medical transportation assistance. Best practices in contracting for transportation assistance services should be monitored to maximize transportation resources and their efficiency. In addition, states should be strongly encouraged to include transportation services as part of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) benefits package.

Children's Health Fund supports federal and state efforts to promote and fund improved state coordination of available transportation resources. Improved coordination will make additional transportation resources available for medically underserved children and families.