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Child Health Care Safety Net

In an ideal world, no child would slip through the cracks.  Every child would be insured and there would be no barriers to getting the care they need. 

Children's Health Fund believes Medicaid and State Children's Health Insurance Programs (SCHIP) help to ensure a medical home for children. The Medicaid and SCHIP programs are bedrock public insurance programs that provide access to health care services for millions of children and families.

However, there remain 8.1 million children who go without health insurance coverage for an entire year according to the U.S. Census. Of these uninsured children, two-thirds are eligible for Medicaid or SCHIP but are not enrolled. Clearly, as health reform is considered, building upon these bedrock social programs must be a priority.  Reauthorization of SCHIP in February 2009, may provide coverage for an additiional 4 million children.  However, the deep recession is also causing more children to be uninsured.