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A Voice for America's Children

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Providing clinical health care services is only part of the formula for giving economically disadvantaged children and families the opportunity to stay healthy. Children’s Health Fund also combines coordinated advocacy efforts with strategic academic-level research to provide a voice for America’s children. 

By working to shape policy at the federal, state and local levels, Children’s Health Fund plays a critical role in creating an environment that supports the health needs of children.  Through research and analysis of the conditions, disparities and barriers that confront children and families, Children’s Health Fund helps inform and influence policymakers, garnering the support needed to provide comprehensive, quality health care to the patients we serve.

For an overview of the landscape of challenges facing children in poverty today, please read Still in Peril: The Continuing Impact of Poverty and Policy On America’s Most Vulnerable Children

Children’s Health Fund’s advocacy efforts focus on a range of new and continuing issues relating to the ability of medically underserved communities to access the health care services they need.  Current policy priorities include:

Content Summaries

Policy Priorities

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Implementation

Children’s Health Fund has been working to ensure that all children share in the benefits of health care reform.

Education & Health Care: A New Partnership

Children’s Health Fund is partnering with educational professionals, policymakers, and school administrators to give every child a chance to be healthy and ready to learn.

Transportation Barriers to Health Care Access

Children’s Health Fund is engaging federal policymakers to ensure that millions of newly insured children have access to the transportation services they need to reach health care services.

Immigration Reform Health Care Opportunities for Children

Children's Health Fund is working to ensure that immigration reform proposals include provisions for access to health care services and family economic supports to children and families that meet the criteria for lawful status.

Putting Child Poverty on the National Agenda

Children’s Health Fund President and Co-founder Dr. Irwin Redlener organized and lead a coalition of six child advocacy leaders committed to urging our national leaders to put ending poverty on the national agenda and to address both the urgent short-term and challenging long-term needs of children.

Health Information Technology

Expanding the use of information technology is key to improving health care quality, lowering costs and responding effectively to health care emergencies, including disaster-related events.

Funding for Children’s Programs

Children’s Health Fund brings the latest research to bear to show lawmakers why maintaining funding for social safety net programs makes sense for America.