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2013 Subway Ad Campaign

Children's Health Fund and New York City's Council of School Supervisors & Administrators combined on an ad campaign to encourage parents - especially those whose children have asthma - to turn in their children's school health forms.

All parents should ensure that the Emergency Contact Card and the Comprehensive Medical Examination form on file at their child’s school are up-to-date. And for kids with asthma, a critical document is the Medication Administration Form (504 or MAF), which provides parent/guardian consent for children to get needed medication during the school day and must be filled out by a child’s health care provider.

Asthma creates one of the most common medical disruptions in classrooms across the city, and it is estimated that more than 12.8 million school days are missed by students across the country due to uncontrolled asthma. When an elementary school-age child has an attack in a public school, the child’s 504 form on file at school authorizes school personnel to provide the proper medication so the student can get back to the classroom and back to his or her education with minimal disruption.

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