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Every child deserves a chance to shine.

Every Child a Chance

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Children’s Health Fund has launched the EVERY CHILD A CHANCE campaign to raise public awareness about the critical link between children’s health and their ability to do their best in school.  Our goal is to illuminate the issues, spark a conversation, promote solutions, and motivate people to act.

Millions of children in America are struggling in school because they have preventable or easily treatable health conditions.  With so much focus on health insurance this year, people often don’t realize that there are many reasons beyond insurance that keep kids from the health care they need. 

At Children’s Health Fund, we care for kids like these every day through our national network of mobile medical clinics—kids who have been failing tests because they can’t see the blackboard or are assigned to remedial classes when the real problem is they can’t hear the teacher.  And then there are the children who have been coughing all night with untreated asthma and fall asleep exhausted at their desk.

For kids in poverty, education is their ticket to a better future.  Every child deserves that chance.  And ensuring every child can grow into a healthy adult is the best chance for America to have a brighter future. That’s a chance we all deserve.

In the year ahead, we will be gathering data about the relationship between health and education, forming partnerships to improve care, and speaking up for all the kids who deserve to be healthy and ready to learn.